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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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So you want some help with your finance stuff? You're at the right place.

I’ve worked in finance for the past 10 years with a mixed experience in big4 (KPMG), startup (Luko) and now as a freelancer.

I help the hottest startups and SMEs on their path to growth and profitability, cuddling all their finance matters

I have a strong expertise in Fintech, especially in regulated activities (e.g. Insurtech). But I've also had fun with activities such as SaaS, marketplaces, professional trainings or agencies.

Shades of CFOing

Part-time >

I cuddle all your finance matters.

I’ll be your co-pilot from a few days/month to a few days/week.

Interim >

You're planning to recruit a CFO in the near future, but you want to start structuring your finance right now.

Or your current CFO is gone for a while / forever and you need a temporary solution. 🥹

(I'm this solution)

Fractional >

My expertise for a very specific subject:

a business plan, a process, an operation.

What I Can Do For You

(not exhaustive)


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